Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


I am currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Wagner School of Public Service as well as the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. 

My education and training is in applied microeconomics with a focus on urban and labor. However, my research operates within a multi-disciplinary framework where I frequently interact with scholars from varied backgrounds.  I am interested in issues related to innovation, technology, human capital, skills training, local labor markets, labor dynamics, and discrimination. Broadly speaking, my research examines domestic policy issues using statistically rigorous analytical methods along with tools from machine learning like text analysis and predictive modeling.

My research is currently focused on three interrelated topics: 1) Examining how automation and technology have affected the world of working people; 2) examining police training, enforcement, and racial bias; and 3) estimating the impacts of policies related to federally funded scientific research.

Details about my scholarly research and policy analysis can be found on each respective page.